Rediker Software: Streamlining Administrative Tasks

Rich Rediker, Founder & CEO, Rediker SoftwareRich Rediker, Founder & CEO
It all started in 1979, when a chemistry teacher from Longmeadow High School, was finding a way to generate tardy notices more efficiently, using Commodore PET computer—with a tiny, calculator-like keyboard having a whopping 4K of RAM. This humble machine then became the foundation of what is today known as Rediker Software, a privately held corporation providing school administrative software solutions. The firm provides innovative, maintainable, and affordable technology solutions for the advancement of schools and runs business in most part of the U.S. and 115 countries worldwide. Rich Rediker, Founder and CEO of Rediker Software says, “Through four decades of innovation and growth, one goal has remained constant: to make life easier for teachers and administrators, so they, in turn, can spend more time with the kids.”

Based in Hampden, MA, the firm’s Administrator’s Plus—cloud-based PK- 12 Student Information System (SIS) is designed for the benefit of students and staff to manage their data systematically. Using this system, schools can track attendance, create report cards, manage discipline, and build student schedules. It assists teachers with an integrated web gradebook—TeacherPlus, to calculate and enter grades of students. Administrator’s Plus enables the administrators of the institution to create digital portfolios for each student and staff member, and use them to electronically store documents and class projects. It gives access to all the families to log into the system from home and see their children’s grades as well as other important school information.

Adding further credence is Rediker Software’s Admissions Plus Pro, an enrollment-management software program that streamlines the admissions and enrollment process. It also reduces additional work procedures followed by redundant duplicate data entries.

Our solution gives access to all the families to log into the system from home and see their children’s grades and other important school information

“Online Forms is one of the many tools we offer that help us meet our goal,” claims Rediker. Seamlessly integrated with SIS—Online Forms eliminates the need for paper and postage and saves the time of parents to submit the forms online.“Unlike other online form systems where data is just sent to an ASCII or CSV file, our Online Forms data is automatically sent to the school’s SIS where school staff can accept, edit or reject the data,” explains Rediker. In addition to this, School Office Suite, a product that complements Administrator’s Plus, takes complete charge in enhancing the other areas of school functions, including cafeteria, library, and school-nursing services.

Furthermore, RediSite from Rediker Software provides a responsive website design and hosting solution for PK-12 schools. These websites are integrated with the company’s SIS; Administrator’s Plus—to create a seamless total solution for schools, providing an attractive and affordable website that delivers an optimal viewing experience on any device. With many built-in design templates, this site intelligently adjusts to any size screen for easy reading and navigation on smartphones, tablets, and computers without having to maintain a separate mobile site.

“These days we know schools are strapped for cash and most staff wear many hats. That is why our goal at Rediker Software is to provide schools with the tools they need so they have more time and money to do what they are established to do— educate,” notes Rediker. Setting a paradigm trend in the education sector through their pragmatic administrative tools, Rediker Software is indeed destined to be the leading organization of the future.