Jenzabar: End-to-end Student Information Management Simplified

Robert A. Maginn, Jr. Chairman & CEO
From the enrollment process until graduation, registrar’s cabin fits in voluminous files, recording details of all the students. This manually recorded information is often carried out based on a particular strategy that the incumbent registrar follows. However, in an instance of the registrar’s retirement, the newly appointed official often faces difficulty in managing these paper-files. This was the situation faced by Lancaster Theological Seminary that after the registrar retired, hired a new Registrar and Financial Aid Loan Counselor, who were clueless about the location student information being stored, and were in dire need for automated systems to manage the gargantuan spreadsheets of student information. “When I first arrived, I found that our Business Office was creating manual reports to see enrollment and when people paid their bill,” notes Teresa Benneian, Registrar and Financial Aid Loan Counselor of Lancaster Theological Seminary. With the aim to shift from pages of spreadsheets to an automated system of maintaining the vast student information, The Seminary after conducting an extensive research found Jenzabar. The company is a provider of Student Information System (SIS) for colleges and universities and designed its solutions to meet all the academic and administrative needs. These advanced SIS tools have eased the daunting tasks of monitoring and updating students' data—attendance records, results, grades, and other student information. “We are an enterprise software provider company that functions to better serve the life cycle needs of higher education,” extols Robert A. Maginn, Jr., Chairman and CEO, Jenzabar.

Working with Jenzabar, The Seminary implemented its Jenzabar SONIS solution, a powerful yet cost-effective SIS, designed specifically for smaller and specialized higher education institutions. Jenzabar SONIS connected Lancaster Theological Seminary’s staff and faculty to a centralized database with a simple web interface that allows all administrative tasks to be processed online. The solution empowers its clients to manage all aspects of their institutions administrative tasks online, and provides integrated services for admissions, registration, grading, billing, course management, and other administrative functions.

Jenzabar EX delights students, inspires faculty, and optimizes staff empowering institution to deliver an exceptional modern educational experience

Jenzabar SONIS aligns, automates, and connects clients operations via a common database—from Recruiting and Admissions through Alumni Development and Fundraising. Doing so, the solution enables students, parents, and faculty to get real-time access to grades, attendance, financial aid, and other essential information from anywhere at any time. This accelerates the application process and automates admissions through easy online processing, tackle flexible periods of enrollment, track prospective students from initial inquiry though application and acceptance.

Building a seamless education experience with an effective SQL Server ERP system, the company’s Jenzabar EX SIS solution help institutions to align, automate, and connect all administrate processes with optimized workflows and business rules. With Jenzabar EX mobile-first approach, clients can connect their entire ecosystem to a common database and easily flow secured data though all stages of the student lifecycle. This helps them to empower staff and cut costs by reducing time spent on routine tasks with real-time information sharing. “Jenzabar EX delights students, inspires faculty, and optimizes staff empowering institution to deliver an exceptional modern educational experience,” says Maginn.

Further supporting competency-based education, BYOD, and changing regulations, Jenzabar JX, a higher education ERP solution for the digital age provides state-of-the-art service-oriented architecture to streamline administrative and academic functions from front door to back-end.
“We’re continuously evolving our products and services to advance and improve the educational experience for students both on campus and online,” extols Maginn. “By working in close partnership with our clients, we aim to fulfill our mission to support education institutions to thrive, grow, and achieve student success,” concludes Maginn.