Ellucian: Robust SIS for Higher Education Expertise

Jeff Ray, President & CEO, EllucianJeff Ray, President & CEO
The rapidly changing technology and fast-paced digital world’s demands has compelled schools and institutions to eliminate antiquated filing and cataloging systems and embrace technology agnostic approach to maintain their day-to-day operations. Today, schools and universities are using Student Information System (SIS) to ease out time consuming tasks like monitoring and updating students’ data–comprising of attendance records, results, and grades. Headquartered in Fairfax, VA, Ellucian is a pioneer in providing enterprise-class student information solutions and services that remove barriers, helping higher education institutions achieve student success. “Helping our clients take full advantage of our cloud-based services and SaaS software solutions to deliver a consumer-web experience to students, to reduce TCO, and to free up staff to focus on strategic initiatives is just one example of how we can help lead higher education into the future,” says Jeff Ray, President and CEO, Ellucian.

Founded in 1968, Ellucian offers three core student information products—Banner Student, Colleague Student, and PowerCampus Student. Today’s students are more diverse than ever before, and their needs are more complex. Ellucian’s Banner Student tackles the changing needs of students with its flagship product Banner Student. From admissions, registration, and curriculum management to advising and assessment, Banner Student aids institutes in delivering enterprise-class experiences that help in keeping students engaged and on track for success. The robust solution provides dynamic, self-service access to application, registration, and financial aid services, and helps faculty and advisors manage courses and give more personalized advice, ultimately strengthening student-teacher relationship. Banner Student is a comprehensive student information system that delivers a full range of functions from strategic management to records processing.

Integrated with Ellucian’s ERP system, Banner Student provides a central repository for the institute’s current student information.

Banner Student is a comprehensive student information system that delivers a full range of functions from strategic management to records processing

The solution provides easier access to information from any device and support for more flexible class schedules and diverse credentialing processes, ultimately aiding institutes to serve new student populations effectively. It also helps in streamlining operations so that the institute can focus on offering the services that help students graduate on time. Banner Student comes with an intuitive registration tool that help students and advisors to plan and monitor progress toward academic goals.

PowerCampus Student delivers student-centered solutions that can help institutes deliver superior student services and meet aggressive enrollment goals. With PowerCampus Student, the recruiting and admissions staff can create effective admission campaigns; target and recruit prime prospective students, and manage more tailored communications with them throughout the admission process.

Ellucian provides technology solutions and services that remove barriers and helps higher education institutions achieve student success. Today, Ellucian serves 2400 institutions and 18 million students in 40 countries around the globe leveraging its experience of more than four decades in the higher education space.

The company has introduced a number of innovative new software solutions, increased the investment in enhancing its enterprise platforms, and has established itself as a leader in the cloud for higher education. “While Ellucian has achieved so much in the past years, I also believe there is so much more that we can do to work with our customers to make technology a transformative force in driving the evolution of higher education and making more students achieve their educational dreams,” concludes Ray.