Campus Management:Defining a New Era in SIS Technology

Jim Milton, CEO, Campus ManagementJim Milton, CEO
It’s no secret that universities are intensely competing for high potential students by escalating the learning standards and enabling their whole participation in a transformative education landscape that promotes academic excellence. “Also, students seek greater flexibility in studies that fit their busy lifestyle and expect institutions to provide education on demand, rather than being conformed to a traditional academic calendar,” expresses Jim Milton, CEO, Campus Management. It is ultimately driving the adoption of Student Information System (SIS) to efficiently manage and archive students’ learning and non-learning activities. However, even today in the era of greater technological advancement, SIS technology is still in its infancy. Schools, educational institutions, and universities are on the lookout for smart, cloud based SIS solutions to simplify various processes and connectivity among departments. This dire need spurred the conception of Campus Management a provider of software, strategies and, services; enabling dynamic models of engagement and delivery, and empowering higher education institutions and students to thrive in a new ‘On Demand Era’.

The company’s solutions are specifically designed to provide institutions the flexibility they need and its products support changes in education delivery, recruitment, financial aid, finance, human resources, payroll, and regulatory compliance. Campus Management has developed CampusNexus Student— the flagship SIS product—based on proprietary CampusVUE technology. CampusNexus has been created as the foundation for constituent engagement, flexible terms, associated financial aid, and an agile DNA to thrive in this new era. “With CampusNexus we serve growing populations of non-traditional and returning students through innovative services, including flexible terms, competency-based education, and online programs,” asserts Milton.

CampusNexus Student also manages academic records related to students’ academic history, progress report, application of tuition and fees, confers degrees, and bestows credentials upon eligible students.Besides, this solution assists institutions to identify eligible faculty to teach courses, determine facility needs, equipment, and book requirements for each course and class section.

With CampusNexus we serve growing populations of nontraditional and returning students through innovative services, including flexible terms, competency-based education, and online programs

Planning curriculums and identifying pre- and co-requisites, defining grade schema, pass-fail and exam retake policies are made effortless for academicians.

In addition to products built specifically for higher education, Campus Management also offers CampusNet Cloud for cost-effective hosted solutions. Their managed services help augment staff’s skill-sets and the implementation packages are specifically designed according to institution’s goals, timelines, and budgets. Additionally, the firm offers project management services to facilitate communication across the organization, and training and consulting to enhance ROI.

From inception, Campus Management has worked with more than 2,000 campuses in 18 countries to help client institutions drive student success and achieve operational goals, from recruitment and retention to alumni relations. In an implementation highlight, the company worked with West Virginia based Valley College, where the student enrollment process was manual even in their online courses. This manual process resulted in poor visibility into recruitment practices, academic progress, and error prone spreadsheet management for financial aid transactions. By integrating Campus Management’s SIS solution, Valley College achieved quadrupled enrollment across its three campuses and online programs, increased retention and placement rates by 25 percent and garnered better visibility into students’ graduation and placement status.

Recently, Campus Management introduced Retention360, an innovative Retention-as-a-Service offering powered by CampusNexus. “More than ever, today’s institutions are compelled to deliver superior retention and successful student outcomes,” recognizes Milton. The company addresses this challenge with a cloud-based predictive engine to help institutions monitor students’ progress toward completion of course.