Top 10 Student Information System Companies - 2019

Student information systems (SIS) were traditionally thought of as solutions that would only cater to school staff and faculty. Today, the core of all modernizations in SISs centers on student experience. SIS aims to ease a student’s communication with an institution through online portals and platforms. For K-12 levels, schools are also concerned about parent experience. Hence, the present-day SIS is evolving to consider all the stakeholders apart from school staff and faculty. This includes students, parents, and even external government or district authorities that schools have to report to.

For instance, parent-teacher chat applications are one of the most popular features of SISs today among K-12 level schools as they allow parents to be involved in their child’s day. They also allow parents and students to apply for enrolment, fill forms and submit assignments conveniently. Driven by the usefulness of such features, SISs have expanded beyond traditional desktop-based software, and has started offering its services on smartphones as well.

Alongside, the data analytics feature of SIS is also growing in demand. With the help of analytics, schools are unravelling hidden patterns that are helping them to make decisions and take intervention measures.

Today, there are numerous providers for leading-edge SIS solutions. This makes it extremely challenging for the CIOs of colleges and school districts to look for an offering that matches their needs. With the objective of helping organizations zero in on the best SIS solution provider, a distinguished panel comprising CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, analysts and the Education Technology Insights’ editorial board has reviewed numerous companies and selected the outstanding ones. The featured firms demonstrate exceptional ability to innovate and customize solutions to suit clients’ requirements.

In this edition of Education Technology Insights’, we present to you “Top 10 Student Information System Providers-2019.”

    Top Student Information System Companies

  • Classe365 provides cutting-edge student information systems to educational organizations that assist them in having complete management of student records

  • Provides scalable software and services designed to drive student success across higher education campuses throughout the student life cycle

  • Customizable, web-based education management platform offering an SIS for training institutes, higher education, K-12 schools, and universities

  • Rediker Software assists management and administrators gather and analyze student information to help educators maximize success, and communicate with parents and families

  • Campus Management

    Campus Management

    To deliver the higher education platform and services that allows educators transform academic delivery, student success and operational efficiency on their terms

  • Genius SIS

    Genius SIS

    Offers next-gen, web-based Student Information Systems for online learning that seamlessly integrates with all leading Learning Management Systems and training delivery tools

  • PowerSchool


    To power the education ecosystem with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their potential, in their way

  • Skyward


    To deliver a better administrative software and SIS experience for every school districts and municipalities around the world

  • Tribal


    From recruitment and admissions to student outcomes, Tribal enables educators to deliver the best, personalised experience for students throughout their entire journey

  • Unit4


    To help businesses and people-centric organizations be more efficient, productive and effective