Transfinder: The Student Transportation System Pioneer

Antonio Civitella, President & CEO, TransfinderAntonio Civitella, President & CEO
Transfinder was established in the year 1988, with the aim of delivering safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation management and communication solutions to school districts. Today, it does that and much more for not only school districts but also municipalities and adult care facilities. “Over the years we observed that managing student transportation is one of the biggest challenges for educational organizations,” begins Antonio Civitella, President and CEO of Transfinder.

As the safety of a student becomes the most important concern, school authorities are compelled to be ultra-cautious while transporting students to and from schools. Of course, accurate routing and tracking of students is of paramount importance. Their other challenges revolve around dealing with, identifying and precluding the crisis situations that can occur during weather-related emergencies, while students are boarding or departing or even more intense situations, such as a hijacking.

To address these challenges, Transfinder has developed a state-of-the-art student transportation management system and service that not only offers routing, tools for redistricting and scheduling solutions to schools but also optimal transportation logistics and communications.

“Our focus has always been on the transportation side of the education market,” affirms Civitella. With the help of Transfinder’s solutions, schools across the country can provide safe and reliable student transportation to more than 5 Mn students at nearly 2,000 districts. Integrated with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and advanced mapping capabilities, the solutions enable schools to track and monitor school buses and other vehicles in real-time to provide better security. The school transportation administrators can optimize trips by choosing a geographical area or an entire trip to automatically modify stop sequences based on time or distance, which can lead to substantial cost savings.

“Our browser-based solutions provide officials with the ability to monitor the location, speed, direction, and maintenance status of vehicles and also provides accurate information in real-time to parents,” says Civitella.

Our browser-based solutions provides the ability to monitor the location, speed, direction and maintenance status of vehicles and also provides accurate information in real-time to parents and school districts

Further, educational institutions can pull out a student’s data from multiple sources, analyze it and compare real-time and historical data to make more informed decisions and enhance their services. Transfinder also offers mobile device capabilities which parents and school administrators can access and visualize as well as share student information more easily. In addition, schools can leverage Transfinder’s solutions to keep track of student’s attendance with student listing reports as well as demographic distribution reports. This is in combination with Transfinder’s Marketplace Partners.

Transfinder has achieved success not only by providing out-of-the-box products but also by offering seamless integration and communication with Student Information Systems (SIS) and reducing clients’ expenses. For instance, one of the renowned schools in New Mexico, Deming Public Schools, was struggling with transportation management. The district had to utilize atlases to find the student addresses, which took lots of time to develop routes and schedule students on their buses. With the help of Transfinder’s solutions, the district could provide valuable reports and maps to contractors and bus drivers regarding student loads, demographics and much more. Transfinder’s unrelenting support and outstanding product development helped Deming Public Schools save money by utilizing its time better. Therefore, Transfinder’s efficiency, reliability and user-friendly features made officials’ lives Deming Public Schools much easier in handling transportation operations.

Today, more than 1,800 school districts in 47 states leverage Transfinder’s products and solutions.With its roots in the educational landscape, the company aims at enhancing their services to cater in other spaces. “There is a big push for our types of services, and it’s beyond schools,” reveals Civitella. Transfinder is currently working on new products and upgrades that are on demand. “Our developers are working around the clock on existing products and cutting-edge new technology that we’ll be releasing not too far down the road,” concludes Civitella.