Qwickly, Inc.: Simplifying LMS

Dr. John DiGennaro, CEO, Matt Hadgis Co-founder, President & CTO, Qwickly, IncDr. John DiGennaro, CEO, Matt Hadgis Co-founder, President & CTO
The inception of Qwickly has an interesting story. Learning Management Systems (LMS) used by educational intuitions were rather rigid and not user-centric, forcing them to follow complex instructions before getting work done. The idea that LMS should revolve around the faculty and students, making it easy for them to use, is what lead to Qwickly. “We take the most ubiquitous piece of software in the learning space, the LMS, and help schools increase adoption among their users, reduce the number of support calls about repetitive and tedious tasks, and help the administrators of these systems become heroes among their user base,” remarks Dr. John DiGennaro, CEO, Qwickly.

In 2015, Blackboard, one of the pioneers in the LMS arena partnered with Qwickly to provide the Qwickly+ Cloud product line to all K-12 clients at no cost to those schools. This provided the schools the ability to integrate with Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Dropbox, so all teachers and students had access to documents stored in the cloud. “This was especially powerful with schools utilizing Chromebooks and deep integration with Google Drive,” says DiGennaro. Also, Qwickly’s multi-course productivity tools for Blackboard Learn allow instructors and students to do repetitive tasks in a fraction of the time previously required. Instead of interacting with each course in the LMS, users can select multiple courses and complete an action across those courses in one step.

The company has also developed an attendance-tracking system for Blackboard Learn that can be learned in minutes by instructors, is flexible enough for schools and instructors to use in just about any way they can imagine, and helps increase retention by giving students alerts when they have been marked absent, as well as access to their own attendance record in classes.

We take the most ubiquitous piece of software in the learning space, the LMS, and help schools increase adoption among their users

“Qwickly Attendance is the most powerful attendance platform for Blackboard Learn today, and we will be expanding to additional learning management systems later this year,” extols Matt Hadgis, Co-founder, President and CTO of Qwickly.

Qwickly is currently being licensed by over 600 schools or other higher education and K-12 institutions around the world. The company has clients in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, England, Spain, France to name a few. To elaborate with an anecdote, Qwickly assisted a client who had surveyed faculty and found that repetitive tasks in Blackboard Learn was one of their biggest challenges. They rolled out Qwickly+ to their entire campus and faculty were highly receptive to the tools allowing them to complete tasks like uploading content and assignments, as well as sending email and posting announcements to multiple courses. “The response from the LMS Administrator was that Qwickly+ had made her a hero at her school,” quips Hadgis.

Qwickly is excited to whack the curveballs of 2017 by introducing a new product for Blackboard Learn, Qwickly Jot, which allow instructors create assignments directly in the LMS on which students can write. The company will be expanding its Attendance product offering later this year with product lines “Qwickly Attendance+” and “Qwickly Attendance Pro”. Going beyond Blackboard, Qwickly plans to expand to additional learning management systems and stand-alone products during the 2017 calendar year. Also, Qwickly has a strategic roadmap to assist schools with issues of retention and student communication using new and exciting methods in the coming years. “Our goal with any additional products that we develop will be a consistent demonstrated commitment to the user-experience to help students, faculty, and staff get administrative work done faster and get back to teaching and learning,” assures DiGennaro.