ITG America's EduWave: Integrated Unified Education Platform

Walid Tahabsem, President & CEO, ITG AmericaWalid Tahabsem, President & CEO
The novel digital learning and information tools, in educational institutions are more than the latest norm in the education reformers’ to-do list. The world of education technology is evolving with the latest acronyms such as LMS, CC, IMS, AMS and SIS. This digital quest has ushered many administrators to incorporate these multiple systems into their ecosystems. “However integrating a novel breed of multiple systems together is an enormous task where in many institutions suffer data loss, alongside other discrepancies,” states Walid Tahabsem, President and CEO, ITG America. Mitigating the hurdles is ITG America that provides fully-integrated and unified education platform. “Our solution EduWave seamlessly integrates Student Information System, Learning Management System and Communication and Collaboration tools into a single consolidated and fully integrated education platform,” remarks Tahabsem.

Managing each student’s learning plan can be a daunting task with students having to meet a whole new level of standards. EduWave’s innovative learning standards approach provides the ability to link lessons, assessment questions, images, and multi-media with the Common Core Standards (CCSS) as well as other specific state or school standards. This along with EduWave’s SmartTeacher™, individualized learning plans, adaptive learning and BookZero™ tools empower educators to offer individualized instructions while still aligning with specific standards of their area.

EduWave’s learning standards approach allows teachers to link learning material they create or import to the learning standards the school wants to achieve. The system will then monitor and report on each student’s progress toward these standards. Through EduWave’s learning standards matrix, the educators are able to define major and sub standards along with descriptions. The repository of learning material, content, assessments, assignments, learning objects and third party content, can all be aligned to defined standards allowing related material to be identified and relevant material easily found.

Our solution EduWave seamlessly integrates SIS, LMS and CC into a single consolidated and fully integrated education platform

The firm’s education solution EduWave SIS for K-12 includes various tools and features that encompass information on student attendance, progress reports, grade book, transcripts, health records and transportation.EduWave takes student preparation to the next level by monitoring student performance on assessments and thereby helps educators suggest the required learning materials that provide guidance to the pupils. EduWave also provides dashboards on student performance and time spent online, and accordingly adjusts the learning levels for achieving maximum results in examinations, and projects. Education Management Information System add-on called EduWave (EMIS) uses data from the SIS, LMS, and other tools to reveal KPIs about schools to administrators that can be combined with analytical models to generate performance enhancing suggestions.

ITG America’s EduWave LMS is based on learning standards framework, essential to the learning and teaching functions. EduWave LMS makes it easier to ensure students are meeting the CCSS covering content authoring, management, delivery, assignments, assessments, lesson plans, adaptive learning, and parent’s portal. The EduWave CC encompasses tools such as discussion forums, blogs, bulletin boards, multi-level calendar, that can make information sharing with school or across districts much easier. The collaboration of EduWave SIS with EduWave LMS and EduWave CC empowers the schools and school districts administrators with actionable insights to enhance student’s and education organizations’ overall performance. “We are experts at deploying on large scale and have done so on three different projects with a total of 15 million users,” adds Tahabsem.

Furthermore, ITG America is in the process of announcing new partnership programs focused on large unified school districts to ease their decision to adopt large new powerful technologies like EduWave. Besides, ITG America will also be soon launching EduWave cloud version to allow all users including students, parents, teachers, schools and district administrators to easily access and benefit from myriad of services and features.