ITG America's EduWave: Driving Education to the Next Level

Walid Tahabsem, CEO, ITG America's EduWaveWalid Tahabsem, CEO
ITG America is an Ed-Tech company based in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California. The company is a member of Integrated Technology Group; an international IT company that provides solutions to education and public institutions around the globe with offices and strategic partners that span over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. ITG America brings the very best in educational technology to the U.S. Market through EduWave, the company’s award winning education platform with 15 Million Users, 42 thousand education institutes, and three countrywide deployments. The company is uniquely positioned to help educational institutions combine their complex needs into a single, complete, consolidated and fully-integrated education solution. ITG America considers its role to be a strategic partner for school districts as well as state and national educational entities by understanding the passion for excellence among its partners in education and aim to provide the tools necessary to help improving their schools’ achievements and efficiency. The company’s strength lies in its vision; which hinges on technological innovations and the ability to identify potential business frontiers well-ahead of competition. About 7 percent of ITG's revenue is invested in research and development. ITG realizes the importance of investing in R&D to maintain its technological lead and continuously develop innovative solutions to meet customer’s needs through focusing on providing timely, professional services, support to its clients, and pays close attention to maintaining the highest level of customer’s satisfaction attainable.

Driven by its strong R&D background and technological passion to meet challenges head-on, ITG has developed ‘EduWave’: a comprehensive platform that was built to assist school districts to improve the educational learning’s and achievements.

In short, EduWave facilitates professional development and transforms education management through state-of-the-art technology

‘EduWave’ aims to support different users such as students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the whole learning community to become more efficient, effective and productive.

The educational solution ‘EduWave’ K-12 student information system “SIS” includes various tools and features to enhance the E-Learning educational process countrywide including districts, schools, and the related educational community. The platform is also a dynamic attendance system that encompasses registering and submitting attendance, helps organizing school and/or district information to produce meaningful reports, provides teachers and administrators with statistical and graphical analysis with the ability to track student’s performances, helps providing student scheduling system, grade book and transcripts health reports and transportation.

Moreover, ‘EduWave’ allows institutions to monitor and manage their various assets and properties according to their geographical locations, provides dashboards on student’s performances and time spent online, master scheduling system, Alumni and E-portfolio tracking. As a result, ‘EduWave’ is adjusting the learning level for archiving maximum results in examinations and projects.

What distinguishes ITG from competitors is that ‘EduWave’ seamlessly integrates LMS, SIS and CC consequently, leading ITG to be a pioneer in launching a worldwide educational platform providing all the required educational solutions in one place. Also, ITG assures working hand by hand to evolve the educational and technological developments through various means—including but not limited—to provide all the required and necessary tools which encourages all education stakeholders to excel and use the 21st century tools for learning similar to learning standards, discussions, project based learning, E-Portfolios, assignments, integration with third parties content and tools, and much more.