Distribu-Q: The Turnkey 1:1 Device Asset Management Solution for Educators

Redouane Sabbar, Co-founder & CEO, Distribu QRedouane Sabbar, Co-founder & CEO
Distribu-Q software is a turnkey, cloud-based 1:1 device asset management solution published by Administrative Software Solutions, LLC for school districts of all sizes. Distribu-Q is a revolutionary product that reduces the burden on technology administrators by offering a complete and robust solution for 1:1 asset management.

Many school districts and states are currently pursuing the purchasing and utilizing of technology to improve students’ education. These are expensive 1:1 technology initiatives that deploy thousands of devices to students in a single school district. However, most districts are never properly equipped with the tools and staff to manage these large-scale endeavors and often this type of initiative devolves rapidly into lost devices, overwhelmed library media specialists and technology coordinators, concerned parents, frustrated students, and at worst upset constituents who shelled out for the program. Typically, the average 1:1 laptop initiative requires hundreds or thousands of emails to be sent over the course of one school year! Frequently, this unfathomably large burden results in the IT team becoming overwrought and unable to handle even their original basic tasks, such as helping the students engage in learning using these devices. This is where Distribu-Q steps in, as an automated turnkey software solution that addresses the deployment, repair tracking, and accountability needs of administrators with minimal burden for the school district.

During their combined 25 years of experience working in education, the Co-founders of Distribu-Q discovered a direct need for this type of solution when they were attempting to help roll out their own district’s 1:1 technology initiative, but found themselves struggling against the logistics of such a massive technological endeavor. They developed Distribu-Q to solve their own needs, but quickly realized other districts were also desperate for a similar solution.

Distribu-Q is a revolutionary product that reduces the burden on technology administrators by offering a complete and robust solution for 1:1 asset management

Distribu-Q reduces the convoluted logistics of a 1:1 deployment initiative by scanning the equipment, recording repairs, and generating documents and emails automatically which ultimately reduces the amount of human labor needed by over 80 percent. Through bulk uploads and downloads, you can achieve speedy deployment as Distribu-Q offers intuitive, user-friendly app-style interface and reporting dashboard that requires very minimal training for end users.

In addition, Distribu-Q easily integrates with the school’s pre-existing helpdesk software and student and parent information is automatically updated in real-time from the SIS to avoid the burdens of manual entry. Distribu-Q also helps maintain appropriate accountability by tracking the checkout of devices and even auto-generating disciplinary emails to administrators when a student has failed to maintain the device properly. Furthermore, the software offers a reporting feature that generates automated weekly digests to administrators giving a birds-eye overview of devices’ status and usage for the entire district. Finally, their auto-invoicing solution allows billing and repairs description to be sent to the appropriate recipients automatically.

There are many instances where Distribu-Q solved the 1:1 deployment needs of districts and CEO, Redouane Sabbar, recollects, “One district in particular reached out to us after and said, ‘We only want your universal solution and we don’t need anything else. This is the most complete solution we have seen so far – it has everything we need for the cost.”

Lastly, as Distribu-Q software continues to help propel education safely into the future, the creators are already hard at work on their next coming product, one being a Statis20 attendance software that is currently in beta testing.