BocaVox:Tracking the Success of Online Education

Sue Diseker, CEO, BocaVoxSue Diseker, CEO
An educator who effectively communicates with students—sets the stage for effective learning and student success. With schools and higher education institutes operating in an era of globalism, the digitization trend takes a firm grip on the intuitive communication tools for seamless interaction between students and their learning institutions, particularly in the online world. The need for a web-based solution such as an intelligent student information management system arises –with an inbuilt mechanism to meet the requirements of student-related functions, as well as administrative functions of a university or a chain of educational establishments. Weston, FL based BocaVox conceptualized a modern-day student information system, Maestro SIS that addresses the growing needs of the online learning world. The firm’s ultimate aim is to provide a commercially available student information system with effective and intuitive communication capabilities such as SMS text, email, two way messages, and an in-the-face announcement board—enabling an educator to easily and frequently personalize communication with students.

BocaVox’s cloud-based SIS software—Maestro SIS, assists institutions, educators, and students through the full student life-cycle by automating tasks—starting from lead tracking to enrollment management and graduation. “Maestro SIS is a purposely-built robust student information system for online and blended learning on the market,” says Sue Diseker, CEO, BocaVox. Its dynamic capabilities include integration with two-way learning management system, robust statistical reporting and dashboard analytics, academic pacing, grades and attendance, accounting, powerful communication and retention.

Maestro SIS is best suited for both K-12 and higher education institutions enabling students to access courses, send and receive messages to and from teachers, see announcements, and more. This results in making students more involved and proactive in the learning process.It also allows teachers and instructors to remain updated about students’ progress, enables interpersonal communication through personalized emails and messages to direct and motivate students who are lagging behind.

Maestro SIS is a purposely-built robust student information system for online and blended learning on the market today

This greatly helps to decrease student dropouts and failure. Realizing the importance of parental involvement in student’s learning, Maestro SIS enables teachers to provide valuable information to parents about their child’s academic progress by giving them access to student’s calendar, current courses, grades, transcript, report cards etc.

The firm’s solution leaves no stones unturned—providing a specialized pathway for grouping and communicating with students through motivational and community-building endeavors and creating unique supervisory roles for educational professionals, which was not previously available through a traditional brick-and-mortar mindset. For instance, BocaVox worked with Academica, one of America’s leading charter school service and support organizations that offer management services to over 200 accredited K-12 schools. The client needed to ensure that educators, students, parents, and communities have access to students’ academic progress, and identify the challenges. They turned to BocaVox’s Maestro SIS for its monitoring and reporting features. The company customized their student information system to Academica’s needs—enabling better communication with students.

“During the past years, we have invested millions in new development– providing all our users with more than 300 updates and new features, and the ability to make business rule changes mid-release,” says Sue. Recently, BocaVox has released the latest version of Maestro SIS which is focused on increasing the support for individual learning and provides innovative capability for uploading bulk amount of student records in seconds.